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Ferguson Gets First Black Police Chief, And He Issued STUNNING Warning… To His Officers

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The city of Ferguson, Missouri has just hired its first black police chief after it found itself as the focus of a Justice Department investigation, and the very first thing he did was issue a stunning warning… to his officers.

It would make sense for the city’s new top cop to let criminals know he’s not going to be messing around when it comes to policing neighborhoods, but unfortunately that’s not what Delrish Moss did. Instead, he used his first public speaking opportunity to let the officers under his command know that he’s going to be watching them, and if they step out of line, they’ll be fired in a heartbeat.

The Atlanta Daily World has more:

Delrish Moss of Miami was motivated to become a police officer after being mistreated by law enforcement as a child. Quite naturally, he said his pursuit of a high-ranking position in a police department had a personal motivation: He wanted to fire bad cops like the ones who abused him.

Moss took the oath of office at the Ferguson Community Center on Monday in front of a crowd of about 150 people, including city residents, police from other departments in the region, as well as a handful of officers from Moss’ previous employer, the Miami Police Department.

Then, in his first remarks to Ferguson officers as their new boss, Moss delivered a stern warning.

“If you work hard, if you stay honest and committed, if you maintain respect for the community and do your job well, we will get along just fine,” he said. “If you fall short of that, and it’s through a mistake of the head, we will work to correct that. But if you do it with malice, if you do the job in a way that disrespects the badge that you hold, I will see to it that you are either removed from police service, or further prosecuted.”

While we can all agree with the premise of what Moss said, the fact that he chose to give such a warning to his officers speaks volumes since it appears as if he’s fallen for the false media narrative that Ferguson is full of crooked racist cops, even though an investigation found no evidence of that. Couple that with his story of why he became a police officer to begin with, and it sounds as if Moss has an agenda going into the city that’s going to limit the efficacy of his department because officers will be afraid to do their jobs.

Hopefully that’s not the case because we all know how well such leadership strategies have worked out in the past. All we have to do is look at Baltimore and Chicago, both of which are seeing record increases in their violent crime rates because police have backed away from actually policing.

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