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Micah Fletcher Goes Off On His Supporters

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Micah Fletcher was one of three men who were brutally stabbed in the neck while defending two younger girls from a hate-filled tirade on a train in Portland, Oregon, and now he’s lobbing a sickening accusation against those donating to a GoFundMe set up in his name.

Fletcher was joined by 53-year-old Rick Best and 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche in defending Destinee Magnum and her Muslim friend from bullying by a nutjob named Jeremy Joseph Christian. The two girls fled the train as a scuffle ensued among the men, and both Best and Namkai-Meche were killed after being stabbed in the throat by Christian.

According to the Daily Mail, crowdfunding pages were set up to help the families of the good Samaritans who stepped in to defend the two girls, and the combined total raised thus far is over $800,000. One would think that the sole survivor, Fletcher, would be grateful for the outpouring of support from total strangers over his act of kindness, and while he claims to be thankful, a video he released seems to tell a different tale.

In fact, Fletcher is now accusing those donating money to complete strangers of having a “white savior complex.”

No, seriously.

According to Fletcher, who’s obviously been indoctrinated with far-left views, the fact that the GoFundMe pages for the three men have raised more money than that of the two girls is evidence we live in a racist society, despite the fact the girls fled the train and didn’t resurface until three days later – after the incident made national headlines. In other words, they merely had mean things said to them before they were able to escape.

From the Daily Mail [emphasis added, for obvious reasons]:

Fletcher, 21, released a Facebook video on Wednesday to thank everyone who had supported him but urged them to turn their attention to the two teenage girls.

He lamented the fact that more had been given to him and the white adult males who died saving them, saying it was ‘immensely morally wrong’. 

‘We in Portland have this weird tendency to continue patterns that we’ve done forever and one of them is this same old, just to to put it bluntly, white saviour complex.

‘I think it’s immensely, immensely morally wrong and irresponsible how much money we have gotten as opposed to how much support, money, love, kindness that has been given to that little girl.

‘We need to remember that this is about them…they are the real victims here,’ he added, sharing a link to an online fundraising page set up in their names.

Fundraising pages for Fletcher, Best and Namkai-Meche have reached almost $800,000 combined.

Lovely, eh? It seems that liberals have been competing to see who can say the dumbest things as of late, and while his willingness to stand up for defenseless young girls is commendable, Fletcher’s commentary after the fact seems to be a part of the competition.

If any of you would like to donate to the GoFundMe set up for Best and Namkai-Meche, you can do so by following this link. As for Fletcher’s fundraising page, we decided to oblige him and won’t be including the link.




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