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UNREAL: Florida Gov. Asks FEMA For EMERGENCY Funds For Victims, Check Out Obama’s SICK Reply

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Following the deadliest terror attack in America since 9/11, Florida Governor Rick Scott submitted a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for emergency funding for the victims of the horrific massacre. However, he didn’t quite get the response you’d expect, and Americans should be absolutely enraged at what happened instead.

It appears as if Obama is going to play politics with this terror attack right up until the end. First he refused to blame radical Islam for it, then the Justice Department censored the transcripts of the call made by the shooter, Omar Mateen, to 911 during the attack to remove any references to Islam, including “translating” the Islamic “Allah” to “God” because people don’t know what Allah means, or something.

The deadly assault ended up killing 49 people and wounding another 53. At the time, emergency responders were using pickup trucks and other non-emergency vehicles to transport the wounded to trauma centers around Orlando because they were so overloaded and no ambulances were available.

Naturally, such a large massacre is going to strain the resources of any city or local government, and it stands to reason that after such an attack a state of emergency would be declared so the local government could get the funding needed to deal with the crisis. Of course, Gov. Scott did exactly that, but when he went to the Obama administration for $5 million in aid for the victims, he hit a brick wall, the Daily Caller reported.

Yeah, apparently Obama’s in such denial that this was a terror attack that he’s not even letting his own FEMA release funding to help those who desperately need it, even though this is the exact type of situation that FEMA was created for. Isn’t that just ducky?

The Caller has more:

The Obama administration saw fit to the deny the request for funds, but it has approved other emergency declarations in the past, namely the Massachusetts water main break in 2010, the Boston marathon bombing in 2013 and the Flint water crisis in 2016.

“Because your request did not demonstrate how the emergency response associated with this situation is beyond the capability of the State and affected local governments or identify any direct federal assistance needed to save lives or protect property, an emergency declaration is not appropriate for this incident,” Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator William Craig Fugate wrote in response Scott’s request.

While Gov. Scott’s $5 million request was shot down by the Obama administration, $253,000 was sent to cover the overtime worked by first responders during the crisis. After hearing about the denial, Gov. Scott unloaded on the administration for refusing to help after the terror attack.

“It is incredibly disappointing that the Obama Administration denied our request for an Emergency Declaration,” Scott said in a press release. “Last week, a terrorist killed 49 people, and wounded many others, which was the deadliest shooting in U.S. history. It is unthinkable that President Obama does not define this as an emergency. We are committing every state resource possible to help the victims and the community heal and we expect the same from the federal government.”

To the contrary, when it was a white dude killing a bunch of black people in Charleston, Obama’s Justice Department fast tracked some $29 million to the city as soon as they could. According to Reuters, the money was to be used for the victims, of which there were nine compared to 49 in Orlando, which begs the question; why the different reactions to similar incidents?

Again, this move reeks of pure politics. If Obama doesn’t allow FEMA to send aid, then he doesn’t have to acknowledge the severity of the situation, which means he doesn’t have to change his strategy to combat radical Islam – something he refuses to acknowledge is even a real thing.

Politics aside, what is it with this president and seemingly enjoying making the American people suffer?

Obama should have been impeached years ago, after it was discovered he used the IRS to target civilian groups during an election year, after his administration blatantly lied to the American people about Benghazi, and after he completely ignored the law and granted blanket amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegals. Now, after the way he’s handled Orlando, he’s shown that he’s either not fit or he’s not capable of running this country any longer, and combined with his past malfeasance, it’s the duty of Congress to remove him from his position before he can do anymore damage to our nation.




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