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HILARIOUS: Florida Gov. HUMILIATES Obama After Airport Attack

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Florida Governor Rick Scott hasn’t been Barack Obama’s biggest fan, and such was evident in the wake of the deadly attack at the Fort Lauderdale Airport on Friday.

Gov. Scott, who campaigned for President-elect Donald Trump and helped him win the Sunshine State, held a press conference late Friday afternoon in which he dealt Obama a parting shot just before he departs the People’s House in a little under two weeks. According to the Gateway Pundit, Scott told reporters that he’s been in constant contact with the people he believes will help him the most following the heinous assault, and it’s not anybody in the current administration.

Governor Scott: I have reached out to President-elect Trump. I have spoken to him and Vice President-elect Pence multiple times to keep them informed. And they told me any resources they need from the federal government they would do everything in their power to make that happen.

Hilarious, but not surprising. After all, with radical Islam being investigated as the motive, why would he call the man who refuses to even utter the two words in the same sentence?

It has to be quite comforting to Scott and other elected leaders knowing they’re about to have a leader in Washington who’s on their side instead of always apologizing for the enemy. After eight years of the latter, the Trump administration is going to be beyond refreshing.



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