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Gary Sinise STUNS Grammys When He Interrupts With Patriotically Un-Hollywood Message

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Last night, millions of people tuned into the Grammy Awards to watch their favorite artists be bestowed with some of the music industry’s greatest honors. Numerous big name Hollywood stars presented the awards, one of whom was Gary Sinise, who interrupted the show to deliver a patriotically awesome, un-Hollywood message to the crowd – and America loved it.

Sinise is most well-known for his role as Lt. Dan in the blockbuster film Forrest Gump, and while he may have played a disabled veteran in the movie, his efforts to help veterans off the screen are no act. Through his Gary Sinise Foundation, he’s done excellent work helping our nation’s heroes as they return from the field of battle, and he took full advantage of his pulpit last night to remind the nation, and the world, that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the men and women proudly serving our nation.

As Sinise took the stage to present Chris Stapleton with the “Best Country Album” award, he took a “brief second” to thank our troops for everything they do, and the crowd seemed to love it.

“I’d like to take one brief second to send a special thank-you and shout-out to the men and women serving our country around the world who are in harm’s way,” Sinise said. “Thank you very much.”

It wasn’t just the crowd who reacted well either.

Apparently, someone at the Defense Department tuned in as well.

So in joining with others – bravo, Gary. Your patriotism and dedication to our soldiers isn’t lost on us, and we greatly appreciate everything you do for them and our great nation.

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