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BREAKING: Liberal Website Gawker Just Got HORRIBLE News From Jury, This May Be Their DEMISE

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For the past few weeks, Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against the liberal rag website Gawker over a secret sex tape has been argued before the courts, and on Friday, it came to an end. Things didn’t exactly go in Gawker’s favor, and the site may very well be out of business after what the jury decided in the case.

For those unaware, Gawker, which publishes lies, smears, and is otherwise devoid of any morality or decency, was able to get its hands on a sex tape featuring Terry Bollea, AKA “Hulk Hogan,” having intercourse with his friend’s wife that was secretly recorded. The website published it without permission, and that led to Bollea filing a lawsuit against them for invading his privacy.

On Friday he won, and he won big time. The jury awarded him a whopping $115 million, which includes $55 million in economic damages and $60 million for emotional distress, and could likely be the end of the 13-year-old digital publication after the punitive damages are added since they’re still being deliberated.

Law Newz has more on the landmark case:

Gawker put up a good fight, I’ll say that much. They tried to argue that Hogan forfeited his right to privacy by being a public figure. They tried to convince the jury that Hogan wasn’t even upset about the tape, pointing to instances where he was a good sport about it in interviews. But in the end, it just wasn’t enough to put the former WWE champion down for the count.

This was a trial for the ages, with some really weird moments. We had Hogan discussing the blurred line between his wrestling character Hulk and Terry the person, including apparently different penis sizes. We also had Gawker founder Nick Denton delivering a tender reading of the site’s commentary on the sex tape.

Most important, however, was that a jury decided that when it comes to privacy, there are some things that should apply to everyone, no matter how famous they are. They believed that what two people do behind closed doors is not for some website to show the world, just because one of them is famous.

Boom! Just like in the ring, the Hulkster delivered a crushing body slam to the liberal rag, and they had it coming after years of lies and misinformation being knowingly published. Although, in a statement released after the verdict, Gawker said they would be taking the case to appeals court since “key evidence and the most important witness were both improperly withheld from this jury.”

Regardless, it looks like common sense finally prevailed in the court, and every time common sense prevails, the left loses.



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