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Mattis Says ‘Mad Dog’ Nickname Is ‘Made Up’ By Media, Here’s What He DEMANDS You Call Him

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Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis revealed to a reporter what his actual call sign is on the battlefield, and it’s far better than the one he says is “made up” by the media.

For most everyone in the country, when you say “Mad Dog” Mattis, they know exactly who you’re talking about – a battle-hardened Marine with the most quotable quotes of any general in recent history. However, if you ever find yourself in battle alongside the world’s most badass military commander and you try to get the attention of “Mad Dog” over the radio, it won’t get you very far at all.

The Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson caught up to the secretary walking through the halls of Congress earlier in the week, and what Mattis had to say will likely make him even more beloved by the American people. For starters, along with carrying his own luggage whenever he travels, Mattis does his own laundry in the basement of the Pentagon.

“Well, I have two hands, don’t I?” he told Johnson.

He also said that he’s happy to be back in a leadership role with the military.

“Oh, it’s so good to be back. I had to get away for a while to really appreciate it,” he said. “People in our military are just incredible. We work as a cohesive unit.”

“Everyone has a duty and a job to do,” added Mattis. “My staff view it as the highest honor and privilege, getting to work at the Pentagon every day.”

The decorated general also said that he plans for an extra ten minutes whenever he walks through the Pentagon, just so he can talk to people in the building, because “they should be able to,” he said.

“We work just like a family.”

Johnson then asked Mattis about the widely-known nickname “Mad Dog,” and the answer he received was rather surprising.

Here’s what he said [emphasis mine]:

“You know, that is not my real call sign? That was something made up by the press. Some reporter, who needed a quick name for me. My real name is Chaos. ‘Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution.’ That is my real call sign and what my men used to call me. Anyone who has ever worked with me calls me Chaos. That’s the name I prefer.”

Before walking away, Mattis apparently leaned in to Johnson and gave him a wink as he said “call me Chaos.”

As Johnson noted, the man in charge of the most powerful military ever known to mankind actually goes by the name “Chaos” on the battlefield.

How fitting.



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