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George Lopez Proves Trump Right With TWISTED Image, What He Did Next Is WORSE

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“Comedian” George Lopez apparently set out to prove one of Donald Trump’s favorite talking points right, and he was wildly successful after posting an utterly disgusting image online, but that wasn’t the worst part. After being called out for his deplorable behavior, Lopez doubled down and made things even worse.

One of Trump’s major talking points is that it’s suicide as a nation to allow people into our nation who have no intention of assimilating into our culture, and one of those people is apparently Lopez, even though he was born in California to Mexican immigrants and enriched himself using our system of capitalism, which Trump undoubtedly supports. And despite Trump enjoying huge popularity numbers from people across every spectrum because he’s trying to return the principles to our nation that made it great, Lopez apparently believes the country would be better off if Trump were beheaded… by infamous drug lord El Chapo.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke or satire – yes, Lopez apparently holds a notorious drug lord, who’s responsible for thousands of deaths, in higher regard than a presidential candidate in America. In fact, Lopez, who’s been a staunch critic of Trump from the start, tweeted that very image (in the form of a cartoon, of course) to his thousands of followers, and displaying a level of hatred and bigotry only possible by an arrogant child of immigrants, who’s also welcome to return to his country of origin if he doesn’t like it here.

Check it out:

Isn’t that lovely? Apparently, Lopez believes that our nation would be made great by killing off those with whom he disagrees, which is typical of the left, as is his response when someone decided to fight fire with fire.

In response to Lopez’s disturbing tweet, which should be investigated by the Secret Service, another Twitter user photoshopped together a similar image – only this time it was Trump holding Lopez’s head.

Lopez’s response?

Lovely. But it didn’t end there either. Reaching an entirely new level of hypocrisy, Lopez turned around and played the victim card to his followers, but unsurprisingly left out his initial tweet, where he showed almost the exact same image with different faces.

Again, lovely, but not atypical of someone on the left — they love to lash out with violent and hateful rhetoric, but if someone does the same to them, they’re instantly the victim. Please.

Oh, for those wondering which presidential candidate he supports? If you guessed Bernie Sanders, you’d be right.

Ironic, isn’t it?

[H/T: Breitbart]



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