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WOW: Gold Star Widow Of Ty Woods Sends Hillary Camp Into PANIC After STUNNING Revelation

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The Gold Star widow of Tyrone Woods, who died in the Benghazi terror attack, called into the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Thursday, and what she had to say has to have Hillary Clinton’s campaign sweating bullets.

Dr. Dorothy Narvaez Woods lost her husband after Hillary Clinton and her State Department left him and four others for dead during a 13-hour assault at an American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, so she knows a thing or two about what it means to sacrifice for our nation. Speaking with Hewitt, she blew in the doors of Khzir Khan, the Muslim-American father who attacked Trump, and also revealed she’s really not a fan of Clinton. Can you blame her?

Woods, like so many others, declared that there’s no way Hillary could be president because “she could not do what parents all over the country do,” which was “to teach their kids right versus wrong,” which is evident in the former secretary’s daily actions. But she even took it further and said there’s no way in hell she could ever trust Clinton again, especially after the way she was treated during the Benghazi incident.

Check it out:

Here’s a partial transcript, via Breitbart News:

HEWITT: My pleasure. Dorothy, I’d like to start maybe at the end of our conversation. Your reaction to the Khan-Trump controversy involving the Gold Star family that are the Khans and Mr. Trump?

WOODS: Yes. Well, first and foremost, I would never, ever want to wish a Gold Star status on anyone. But I also truly believe that it should never be used as an excuse or a shield when we hear something, and when I say we collectively, the Gold Star families, when we hear something that we don’t like. The way I see it is no one ever questioned Major Khan’s sacrifice or his service or his death. He was rightfully given full military honors, you know, like my family, his family, have lived under the benefit of American citizenship. And the second generation, Major Khan and myself, we’ve chosen to give back. I believe that Major Khan was an American first that day, and that’s very important.

HEWITT: Dorothy Woods…

WOODS: My issue…

HEWITT: Okay, go ahead.

WOODS: So my issue here is I believe that the Khans are only public because they are Muslim. And to me, that sends the wrong message that they are more important than the rest of us. No loss is more or less important than the other.

Later in the interview she spoke about Khan again, and she said what most people have been thinking all along.

“Well, again, I can only give my opinion, and so for me, the fundamental difference between myself and the Khans is first, I would never, had it not been for the Ambassador dying, and how this, how Benghazi has fallen out, you wouldn’t hear from me. You wouldn’t know who I am. I truly believe the difference between my situation and theirs is that Hillary Clinton was directly involved in the events leading up to Ty’s death, and that the Obama administration had a hand in those events as well. I want, that is what I’m here for. You know, I am not out talking because Ty died. You know, we all know what happened. I’m not refuting those facts. I am here because of the way that Ty’s death was handled, the way it was narrated, the way it was ultimately handled with disrespect and negligence by both Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. Like you said, I’m a veteran. You know, I’ve deployed. I understand that we are at war, and that no loss, the loss of Ty is no less or greater than anyone else. But that’s not why I’m here. I’m not here for the sacrifice. I’m here because of the way it was treated afterwards.”

Hewitt also asked Woods how she felt about the fact that her husband was left for dead by the Obama administration, who was more concerned about optics than action.

“Well, I was not surprised, because I sort of kept in my head the type of warrior, the type of man, the type of American that Ty was. You know, that, to me, there’s a distinct difference between Ty and Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. That night, American lives were important, the most important thing versus, you know, to Ty. That’s how he felt, versus Hillary Clinton, who you know, couldn’t be bothered with it. She dismissed it. She thought of herself. She thought of what that would look like. And that’s the fundamental difference. Whether or not there were wheels on the ground, on their way, you know, I can’t focus on that. That’s the DOD. That’s way above me. But you know, I am comforted in that I knew that Ty was where he wanted to be, and he did the best he could, and he saved American lives.”

Woods, a veteran herself, said that when Hillary met her on the tarmac when her husband’s body was returned, all she did was give her a hug and say “sorry.” Asked if whether or not Hillary mentioned the video, Woods said that she didn’t, but that “I had a big Navy SEAL standing behind me, and guys who also had worked with Ty from the agency,” so perhaps that why Hillary didn’t mention it.

Hewitt asked Woods if she followed the controversy until the end when Hillary said that it’s time to move on from it. She replied saying she didn’t follow it closely, but would hear snippets and soundbites from it, and they all seemed to suggest the same thing.

“So I do hear snippets a little bit, and you know, her response to the report when someone had asked her about that, you know, she’s dismissive,” Woods said. “It’s characteristic Clinton. It’s characteristic Obama. You know, let’s go ahead and sweep that under the rug. It doesn’t suit what I am, the narrative I’m trying to present about myself. And it’s time to move on.”

Woods doesn’t believe that Hillary was speaking directly to the Benghazi victims’ families when she said it’s time to move on, but she also realizes that Hillary is very calculated with everything she says. but perhaps the biggest bombshell to come from the interview was when Hewitt asked Woods whether or not she trusts Hillary.

“No, I don’t. And I have personal experience with that. You know, when things like this come up that question her integrity, and then you hear about Donald Trump and the things that he says, you know, I think, you know, I feel like everybody, and this is my opinion, gets truly bent out of shape about how Trump says things. But time and time again, we’ve seen that Hillary is a woman who has repeatedly acted in a way that isn’t commander-in-chief like, you know? So I feel like the media forces us to base our decision, base our vote on someone who sounds bad versus someone who has, there’s actual evidence on how someone has acted when the chips were down. And in my case, we know how she acted. She let it go. She, you know, she turned her back. So to me, that’s just, you know, more evidence as a testament to see how she would be as a president.”

That’s going to leave a mark. So is the fact that Woods hasn’t heard from Clinton since the day her husband’s body returned home from overseas, as Woods confessed.

So much for the “caring” and “loving” candidate she candidate she claims to be, huh?

Asked whether or not the SEAL community as a whole, which her husband Ty was a part of, has confidence in Hillary as a commander-in-chief, Woods had a rather blunt response.

“No, they do not,” she said.

Hewitt followed up and asked why they wouldn’t, and Woods’ response was equally blunt, and especially damning to Hillary’s campaign.

“Because these are men who loved Ty. And while some of them knew him personally, others feel him as a brother. And irrespective of whether or not she becomes president, you know, they are going to do what is the right thing to do. Men at this caliber, and you know, I take that back. Men and women who serve our country because they volunteer, you know, they expect, and we at the very least should expect, that we will take care of them. We say we take care of their families at home, but when they are serving us in dangerous places, and they need help, we expect to go help them. They expect us to go help them. This instance, she did not. And if she did this to these guys, she’s going to do it again. She did this to me, and I can say that I take it personally. And I tell people, you know, I am a woman, I am a mother, I’m an immigrant, I’m a veteran. I am her demographic. She did this to me. She will do this again. I believe that. That is my personal opinion.”

Woods also lamented that Hillary is incapable of admitting when she did something wrong, which rules her out for the presidency in her opinion. Had Hillary admitted fault, apologized, and tried to make things better after Benghazi, Woods said she wouldn’t be speaking out against Hillary, but those three things never happened.

“Hillary Clinton cannot do what parents all over the country do to teach their kids right versus wrong, so she cannot fundamentally be our commander-in-chief,” she said. “You know, it’s that simple. It’s that empirical to me. I wouldn’t teach my son, you know, to treat other people like that. And now she wants to be in charge of other people’s sons? No.”

Hewitt finally asked Woods if there’s anything Hillary could ever do to win her trust back. In short? No way in hell.

“Well, I think that she, you know, it’s not just me. There are many people who you know, are waiting and looking and watching her. I don’t, personally, I don’t need her trust. She doesn’t need to win my trust. I’m just kind of a cog in the wheel. I think that her actions, the support of what she does, speak louder than her words. And that’s really what you need to do.”

Amen, Mrs. Woods, and thank you for speaking up about your experiences with Hillary Clinton. You’re a true patriot, and your husband’s death was a grave loss to our nation as we lost a man of great honor, integrity, character, and courage. We thank you for your strength to come forward and inform the rest of us.

Unfortunately, too many people have been blinded by the media circling the wagons to protect Hillary, but the reality is that she’s a cold-hearted, self-serving narcissist that will stop at nothing to advance her own agenda. Witness after witness has come forward and indicted her as such, but the media refuses to report the truth for fear their queen won’t be handed the White House in November.

Mrs. Woods’ testimony was long, but it’s well worth the read and needs to be spread far and wide for all to see. After all, a devout Muslim, who promotes Sharia Law over our own and has ties to terrorism, had his message about Trump covered wall-to-wall by the press, so let’s one up them and make sure even more people see what Mrs. Woods, a brave patriot and grieving widow, has to say about his opponent.



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