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After ‘Very Good’ Meeting, Priebus STABS Trump In The Back & Refuses THIS If He Gets Nom.

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Most every political pundit agrees that should the GOP try to steal the nomination away from front-runner Donald Trump, there would be mutiny from outraged voters. While chairman Reince Priebus has repeatedly said that the Party won’t do that, there is something else they’re plotting, and it’ll likely outrage Trump’s supporters just as much.

Last week, Priebus tried to ease voters’ concerns over the Party hijacking the nomination from Trump, should he get the majority of delegates, but he’s singing a much different tune behind closed doors, according to Newsmax. While in public he states he and the Republican National Committee would support The Donald if he gets the required delegates, they have no intentions on sticking with tradition and handing control over to their new nominee.

Check it out:

If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination this summer, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is vowing not to give the billionaire’s campaign control over the party leading up to the November election, according to a report in The New York Times.

The Times said Priebus “has also let it be known that he does not plan to let the Trump campaign take over the party apparatus if he captures the nomination.

“At an off-the-record happy hour with reporters last week, Mr. Priebus said clearly that, regardless of precedent, he would not be layered over by Mr. Trump’s loyalists, according to two people present.”

If true, Priebus’ decision would be a stunning reversal of precedent and a serious slap in the face to the Trump campaign.

In modern presidential campaigns, the presumptive nominee of the party, even before gaining the nomination, takes de facto control over the party and its apparatus.

The candidate and the campaign takes the helm of the national campaign effort, with the party and RNC chair taking direction from them.

The Times report by correspondents Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin detail Trump’s Thursday meeting Chairman Priebus and other party staff in Washington, D.C. Trump said afterward the gathering was “a very good meeting . . . It’s really a unity meeting.”

But The Times report painted a more nuanced picture, with Priebus and top aides complaining about Trump’s combative approach to the party, its officials and other candidates.

Isn’t that nice? So behind closed doors, the two men met and Priebus apparently kissed ass to keep Trump calm, then as soon as he’s in private somewhere else, he tells an entirely different tale.

Apparently Priebus has forgotten that he and the RNC work for the voters, and if the voters end up electing Trump for the nomination, then it’s up to Priebus to cede control of the RNC to him. Funny, at first they demanded Trump make a pledge to the party, now the party is doing everything it can to violate the same pledge.

No wonder voters are so upset with establishment politicians.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]



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