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BREAKING: Gorilla Story Takes STUNNING Turn After Witness Reveals What Media REFUSES To Report

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By now you’ve heard of the story about Harambe the gorilla being killed by zoo staff after a little boy fell into his enclosure, and certainly you’ve heard about the outrage that followed. However, it appears as if people haven’t been getting the full story, and an eyewitness to the terrifying incident revealed what the media is refusing to report.

The woman who shot the now-infamous video of the gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo has come forward to defend the zoo’s decision to take the animal’s life in order to save the boy’s, and according to her, they absolutely did the right thing. WCPO reported that Kim O’Connor said the worst part of the gorilla’s actions weren’t caught on video, and if people saw what he was actually doing they might have an entirely different take on it.

“The horrific part, worse than what my video captures, happened on the cement part of that exhibit and I didn’t capture that video. I would have never captured that video,” she stated.

According to O’Connor, the gorilla was repeatedly smashing the boy up against the concrete barrier. If true, then it’s easy to see why officials took the action they did.

“I was hoping that people would see that contrary to early reports that led the world to believe that he had not engaged with the gorilla,” she said in defense of the zoo. “I needed them to understand there was an engagement.”

Perhaps if people were to put common sense over emotional outrage, they would see that the zoo had little choice in the matter. If any one of us had a relative in that enclosure, we would want everything possible to be done in order to save them, even if it meant killing the animal.

Let’s face it, even if the animal wasn’t intending on harming the boy, it weighed nearly 500 pounds and had the strength of ten men. Incidentally or not, he could have easily killed the child with the swipe of one of his arms, and then what? The zoo would be shut down after the family sued because it didn’t take decisive action.

It’s no surprise the mainstream media hasn’t wanted to report this, considering they’ve been going with the narrative that an “innocent” animal was killed even though the boy wasn’t in danger. But now that we have a clearer picture of what happened, maybe we can finally put this thing to be once and for all.



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