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Trey Gowdy Reveals DEVASTATING Punishment Hillary May Receive Over Email Scandal

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South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy revealed on Thursday morning the devastating punishment Hillary Clinton could still receive for her email scandal, and it would be the best thing that could happen at this point.

Gowdy, like the rest of us, realizes that the Department of (in)Justice isn’t going to do anything to Hillary for her egregious actions as Secretary of State, and he also knows the FBi is about as useless as tits on a bull. But there is one last chance for Hillary to be held accountable, he argued with Fox News host Bill Hemmer, and that’s if We the People decide she isn’t fit for office.

Check it out:

Gowdy explained that if Americans “vigorously disagree” with the decision to let Hillary and her staff at the State Department off for their very serious crimes, we can simply vote for a new Justice Department this November and boot all the political hacks out that are in there now.

“Out of all of this, five immunity agreements and a really unusual investigation about national security matters with hundreds of classified emails, not one single person is going to face a legal consequence,” Gowdy explained.

Hemmer notes that the case is now “dead in the water,” to which Gowdy agreed. However, he offered a bit of hope to those of us who are distraught tha Hillary received the Clinton treatment from the Justice Department.

“It is dead in the water other than what I said in the past,” the South Carolina Republican continued. “There are multiple groups in our culture that provide oversight. There is the executive branch, there’s Congress, there’s you in the media, but on November 8th, the real jury gets to weigh in, and if they think this Department of Justice has been politicized, they are welcome to replace it with another Department of Justice.”

Indeed we are. With any kind of luck we’ll send a message to D.C. in the form of a landslide victory for Trump, and we’ll finally deliver our government back to its rightful owners – We the People.



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