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‘Grassroots?’ LEAD Protester That Shut Down Arizona Highway Has DAMNING Past

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On Saturday, enraging news broke out of Arizona where dozens of anti-Trump protesters blocked a major highway that led to the location of a planned event by Donald Trump. People have tried to say Trump’s opposition is “grassroots,” but the woman who led the protest has a damning past that says otherwise.

As we previously reported, protesters blocked Shea Boulevard in Arizona, which led to a miles-long backup down the highway, where everyone, including emergency vehicles, was denied their right to freely travel all because some unhinged leftists threw a tantrum. Out of all the protesters, only three were actually arrested for anything despite the fact they committed numerous federal crimes, and now we’re starting to learn a little more about the woman who led the demonstration.

The Gateway Pundit did some digging on Jacinta Gonzales, and found some rather questionable details about her past. For one, Gonzales doesn’t even live in Arizona – her home is in New Orleans – and she’s apparently funded by none other than the America-hating billionaire George Soros.

While Gonzales may be easy on the eyes, people shouldn’t let that distract them from the real danger she poses to our nation. As she’s shown, she’s willing to use any means necessary to deny peaceful Americans their right to freely assemble, and she also appears to be an ardent supporter of open borders, which we all know will ultimately lead to the downfall of our once-great nation.

Gonzales is also a paid community organizer and an official George Soros Fellow, as you can see below.

‘Grassroots?’ LEAD Protester That Shut Down Arizona Highway Has DAMNING Past

There’s more about Gonzales, who was trained by Soros, from his own Open Society Foundation.

Oh, and you want to hear the real kicker in all of this? Along with Gonzales, apparently there were also some Ted Cruz supporters present to help block the highway. At least, that’s what one anti-Trump supporter is swearing happened.

Check it out:

Isn’t that nice? Politics does make for some strange bedfellows, wouldn’t you say?



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