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Grated Parmesan Cheese Fan? Might Want To See Troubling Find Made By FDA

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Most everyone loves grated parmesan cheese to sprinkle on spaghetti and other dishes, but they may be rethinking their decision after learning what the FDA recently discovered about many of the products.

A Bloomburg Business report detailed the administration’s findings, and while the delicious condiment may taste like parmesan, it turns out that you might actually be eating wood. No, really.

Fox 5 has more on the FDA’s findings:

Parmesan sold at places such as Walmart and Whole Foods contain cellulose, which is an anti-clumping additive made of wood pulp. Tests by Bloomberg News found Walmart’s Great Value 100 percent grated parmesan cheese registered 7.8 percent cellulose and Jewel-Osco’s Essential Everyday 100 percent grated parmesan had 8.8 percent.

Those are cellulose levels above what is considered acceptable, which is around 2 to 4 percent. Kraft had 3.8 percent. Bloomgberg Business also said the FDA is investigating Castle Cheese Inc., which makes Market Pantry’s 100 percent grated. It used to be sold at Target stores.

The report stated that parmesan cheese from Whole Foods doesn’t list cellulose as an ingredient, but a subsequent test of the cheese found that it still had a cellulose content of .3 percent. However, the company disputes the finding, and instead said that it was likely a false positive.

Another company under investigation by the FDA is Castle Cheese Inc. Apparently, the company’s president is scheduled to plead guilty later this month to pumping their products full of cellulose and using cheddar cheese, which is cheaper, instead of Romano, which is listed in the ingredients.

It’s not often I applaud a federal agency’s work, but in this case, the FDA did a good job. While I’m all for free markets and capitalism, I’m also very against deceptive marketing practices and cheating customers, and in cases like this, agencies like the FDA do offer a level of protection for consumers.



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