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Teen Anti-Trump Thug Thought He Was Tough Throwing Rocks At Cops, Then Look What Happened

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A young anti-Trump thug from New Mexico thought it would be funny to throw rocks at law enforcement officers, but he soon learned it wasn’t the best idea he’s ever had.

The incident occurred last month, when 14-year-old Marcus Griego attended a protest that erupted into a riot, and he thought he was a tough guy when he pelted a sergeant with a good-sized rock. Unfortunately for him, a nearby commander watched Griego pick up the rock and then throw it, and now the little punk is learning that there’s serious consequences for assaulting a cop, KRQE reported.

“The commander actually witnessed Marcus throw a rock directly and hit the sergeant that was standing next to him,” Albuquerque police spokeswoman Celina Espinoza told KRQE. “My understanding is that Marcus kinda laughed it off and kinda just pretended it wasn’t a big deal.”

The problem is that it was a big deal. In fact, it was such a big deal that now Griego is going to be charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery on a peace officer, and he’s going to be tried as an adult.

Of course his attorney, Tom Clear, things the charges are a bit egregious, but police disagree with him. Although Espinoza said that they’re not “trying to make an example” of Griego.

“We want to be able to guide and lead him in the right direction,” Espinoza said.

Apparently someone needs to. Anybody, regardless of their age, should know better than to throw rocks at police officers, period.

It’s either bad parenting or the anti-cop sentiment in pop culture, or both that led this kid to assault an officer of the law. But whatever it was, it’s great to finally see police taking a stand against this kind of thing and going for the jugular with their charges.



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