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BREAKING: Kathy Griffin Hit With BARRAGE Of DEVASTATING News, She’s DONE!!!

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Liberalism is a mental disorder, and Kathy Griffin’s picture of a beheaded President Trump is proof of it.

The d-list “comic” took to social media on Tuesday to post a disturbing photo of the President that was so bad it made his own son scream in horror when it appeared on television. However, upsetting the President’s youngest son is apparently the least of her worries.

Breitbart News is reporting that Griffin caught the attention of the last people she likely wanted to deal with – the Secret Service – who seemed to be quite excited about investigating the matter in their Twitter post stating they’re “On it!”

Later Tuesday evening, the Secret Service issued a more in-depth statement regarding the matter, although it didn’t mention Griffin by name.

“The U.S. Secret Service has a critical mission. It is always unfortunate when people make statements that could be perceived as threats,” the statement read, according to ABC News. “We don’t have the luxury of knowing a person’s intent. Each alleged or perceived threat has to be investigated thoroughly which taxes Secret Service manpower and resources that could be utilized elsewhere.”

While this story was being written, it came to our attention that Griffin has been terminated by her home network, CNN, where she hosted its New Year’s festivities each year.

Her termination came after wide condemnation from people across the political spectrum, including her New Year’s co-host, anti-Trump anchorman Anderson Cooper.

For her part, Griffin did apologize to her fans for posting the picture; however, the President and his family received no such courtesy from the now-embattled “celebrity.” In fact, her apology seemed every bit as staged as the photo, considering she released video of herself speaking about the potential repercussions.

President Trump’s top aide, Kellyanne Conway, summarized the situation perfectly.

Indeed. At least this time around, a leftist is being held accountable for their actions.

When was the last time that happened?



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