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AWESOME! Day After ‘Hamilton’ Actor Bullies Mike Pence, He Gets EPIC Dose Of Reality

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By now you’ve heard about the Broadway actor from “Hamilton” that bullied Vice President-elect Mike Pence during Friday evening’s show, which absolutely was not cool at all. Americans were outraged over the incident, and rightfully so, but the last person you’d ever expect came to Pence’s defense – far-left rocker Steven Van Zandt.

Van Zandt is a guitarist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, but many people also know him as Silvio Dante from HBO’s The Sopranos. Van Zandt doesn’t agree with Pence’s politics whatsoever, but he also doesn’t agree with bullying in any form so he took to Twitter to call out Brandon Victor Dixon, who singled out VP-elect Pence in front of an audience to lecture him about diversity and inclusiveness, ironically.

In an epic series of Tweets, Van Zandt laid the hammer down on the leftist actor.

Even though he’s far to the left of center, it’s hard to disagree with Van Zandt. He expressed what many Americans are feeling after the blatant disrespect of a man who did absolutely nothing to deserve it.

But despite the harsh push back from nearly all of America, Dixon has shown zero remorse for harassing the future vice president. In fact, during an appearance on CBS This Morning early Monday, he told the hosts “There’s nothing to apologize for” while blaming the show’s producer for plotting to embarrass Pence in front of the audience.

“I’m not sure why they asked me, but I was happy to,” Dixon said.

How nice.



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