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Here’s 5 ‘Common Sense’ Gun Reform Laws Trump’s Expected To Sign In First 60 Days

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President-elect Donald Trump is a gun friendly leader and there’s already five bills awaiting his signing once he takes office.

The 45th President of the United States (it feels so good saying that) will have Republican backing in both houses of Congress after the NRA helped secure victories for GOP contenders in important battleground states like Florida, North Carolina and Missouri. The NRA was one of Trump’s biggest backers and they dumped more money into his campaign than any other super PAC, so with Trump’s reputation of standing with his allies, he’s likely going to pass these five reforms in his first 60 to 100 days in office.

The first is national concealed carry reciprocity. There’s currently four bills sitting in Congress that a President Trump will be able to choose from that would allow concealed carry permit holders to travel across state lines with their weapons. It’s only common sense that you should be allowed to so do, which means this will undoubtedly get passed.

He’s also expected to end gun-free zones on military bases. He made such a promise on the campaign trail, and again it’s only common sense that our nation’s heroes should be able to defend themselves while here at home. Using executive actions, Trump can overturn a previous executive order that banned personal firearms from stateside bases.

Another important reform would be ending the burdensome taxes on suppressors. As of now, “silencers” (as they’re wrongly called) are considered a National Firearms Act item and are subjected to extensive background checks and a hefty tax for every purchase. However, the Hearing Protection Act would make them more readily available for shooters across the country looking to make a little less noise while sending rounds down range. It’s already written, and he should pass it within his first 60 days or so.

President-election Trump will be undoing much of the damage Obama has done over the last eight years. One area of concern was when he stymied the importation of collectible firearms using an executive order. The Collectible Firearms Protection Act would allow the re-importation of hundreds of thousands of historically significant firearms like the M1 Garand, M1 Carbines, and M1911 pistols.

Finally, President-elect Trump will be working with the house and Senate to reform the National Instant Background Check system to ensure it’s properly updated and more effective at stopping prohibited people from buying guns. This would likely be done in conjunction with mental health reform to ensure people are able to get much-needed help without fear of losing their right to purchase firearms.

So that’s five “common sense” gun reform proposals we can look forward to in Trump’s first 100 days. Isn’t it going to be nice to have a president that we don’t have to worry is trying to strip us of our rights when we’re not looking?



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