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Herschel Walker DESTROYED Romney Over Trump Attack, Said THIS About McCain

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Ever since Donald Trump’s dominating performance on Super Tuesday, the GOP establishment has thrown everything they can at him in an attempt to derail his candidacy, including bringing out failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But Romney’s attack wasn’t too well received, and former NFL great Herschel Walker completely destroyed him while making an interesting point about John McCain.

Earlier this week, Walker came to The Donald’s defense after seeing that Trump has been repeatedly accused of being racist, which is a completely baseless accusation from his detractors, as Walker pointed out.

But Walker’s defense of Trump didn’t end there. He was one of millions of Americans who looked on in disgust as Romney, who failed miserably during the 2012 elections, came out of the shadows to “warn” conservatives that they’re apparently not smart enough to know who to cast a vote for (sarcasm).

So Walker decided to unload on him while taking a shot at Arizona Senator John McCain, who also denounced Trump:

Boom! Wasn’t that a perfect response from him?

Walker is right though, Romney needs to keep his mouth shut. He’s already failed us, as we saw in 2012, because he didn’t have the fortitude to take on Obama and the Democrats, yet here he is showing more spine than we’ve ever seen to derail Trump?

That’s the problem with the GOP establishment – they’re more than willing to take the gloves off against their own, but when it comes to the people WE elect them to defeat, they always cower and cave to their demands. That’s why Republicans lose elections, and that’s why the people are fed up.

We’ve had enough of weak politicians pandering to leftist ideologues in government. We’re tired of hearing that things can’t be done because they’re just not “politically possible.” And we’re fed up with winning elections in landslides then seeing absolutely no results in our favor whatsoever, despite the fact that “elections have consequences,” according to Obama himself.

That’s why Trump is so popular – he’s the only hope we have to actually see the changes we want. He’s beholden to nobody and isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even if over-sensitive liberals throw a hissy fit in the process. And he’s showing the country – and the world – that political correctness is only for the weak, who are afraid of speaking the truth for they might offend someone.

In other words, he’s the exact opposite of the idiots we’ve been electing into office, who cave at the mere mention of someone being offended and are so afraid of losing votes they refuse to take any type of action. Trump is a beacon of hope for those of us about to give up on our country; who feel as if our voices aren’t being heard; and who have been ignored for years because our interests aren’t “special” enough in the eyes of politicians.

Trump represents the “everyday American,” who are the lifeblood of this nation and are tired of being used as an ATM machine while being told our opinions don’t matter.

If the GOP establishment continues to try to take that hope from the people, they’ll have much larger issues than whether or not Trump gets into office.

That much I can guarantee.



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