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High School Student, 15, Wears Trump Hat At ‘Peaceful’ Anti-Trump Walkout, Gets PUMMELED

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A Maryland high school student wore his “Make America Great Again” hat to school on the day other students staged a “peaceful;” walkout, but things didn’t exactly remain peaceful.

The boy, just 15, went to school on Wednesday and was beaten to a pulp by a group of at least four students during the march against democracy and the peaceful transition of power that Americans have celebrated for centuries. According to WTOP, police said the student was surrounded by a group of protesters, who then piled on top of him and proceeded to beat him senseless.

“They jumped him and beat him up pretty bad,” a witness said.

Police said he wasn’t the aggressor. The boy apparently was minding his own business when the aggressive, unhinged liberal students engaged him and attacked.

While the actual motive has yet t be announced, it’s pretty obvious what happened here. These students are being fed anti-Trump and anti-Trump supporter propaganda in school and all over social media, which dehumanizes those who voted for him and makes them feel justified in their assaults.

Unfortunately, until the petulant, whining left stops inciting violence by doing exactly what they claim to hate – lumping people into a group then stereotyping them – this kind of thing will continue to happen. Over 60 million people voted for Trump, and they included people of all races, religions, and walks of life, to call them all racist is just stupid.

But then again, the left isn’t exactly known for their intelligence, if you know what I mean…



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