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Did Hillary Campaign Use A BODY DOUBLE After She Collapsed? Check THIS Out!!!

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Yesterday, the biggest news story to come from the anniversary of 9/11 was when Hillary Clinton collapsed in the street after leaving the memorial service early. Shortly after, she was seen leaving Chelsea’s apartment, but a closer inspection of the video and pictures of her leaving seem to reveal that it might not have been Hillary after all.

While we’re not ones to push crazy conspiracies around here, if the objective evidence points to something being off then it’s worth at least taking a look at. In this case, the evidence seems to suggest that something isn’t right with Hillary’s exit from her daughter’s apartment.

First, let’s have a look at the video that was taken at the scene:

Here’s another angle of the same departure:

A few observations here.

The first is that the woman leaving the building has her purse carried over her right shoulder. A closer look at all of the pictures of Hillary from earlier in the day show her carrying her purse over the opposite shoulder, which begs the question of why the change of what appears to be a habit?

Secondly, the woman leaving the apartment comes out and only says a few words, but the words she speaks are quite telling. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a New York accent because she’s not from New York. However, the woman in this video speaks with a very clear accent, especially when she says the words “New York.” As someone familiar with the local dialect, it’s easy for me to pick up on people local to the area, and the woman in the video sounded like she was born in the city.

Thirdly, this woman’s gate is much different than Hillary’s. Hillary moves with a slow, steady gate that allows her to focus on her balance and not stumble while she walks after suffering a severe concussion several years ago. The woman in the video clearly has no mobility issues and walks at a much faster pace than Hillary.

The woman in this video also came out of the building like a ball of fire, and when asked what happened she merely shrugged her shoulders and said “it’s a beautiful day in New York,” in a heavy accent. Even at her worst Hillary would at least acknowledge the question and say her campaign will comment on it later, or do something other than give an ear-to-ear grin while proclaiming it’s nice weather – only 40 minutes after suffering an alleged heat stroke.

The woman in the video also spoke much faster than Hillary normally speaks. Hillary’s speech is usually slow and steady, much like her walk, and her words are calculated. The woman in the video clearly didn’t have to pause to think about her words and almost seemed as if she was trying to say as little as possible – ostensibly so she wasn’t outed as an imposter.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of this video is the fact that when the woman exited the building, Hillary’s normal entourage of Secret Service agents were nowhere to be seen, except for one near the door of the building and one waiting for her at the van. If the woman in the video is indeed Hillary, then the Secret Service broke a major protocol in protecting the candidate, especially when there’s an unknown number of people crowding outside the building on the anniversary of a major terror attack. The Secret Service wouldn’t ever leave Hillary so vulnerable, even if she ordered them to do so, because they would be held directly responsible if something bad were to happen.

Also, below are side-by-side pictures of Hillary at the 9/11 memorial and the woman leaving Chelsea’s apartment. Look at them closely and decide for yourself if they’re the same woman.

Did Hillary Campaign Use A BODY DOUBLE After She Collapsed? Check THIS Out!!! Did Hillary Campaign Use A BODY DOUBLE After She Collapsed? Check THIS Out!!! Did Hillary Campaign Use A BODY DOUBLE After She Collapsed? Check THIS Out!!! Did Hillary Campaign Use A BODY DOUBLE After She Collapsed? Check THIS Out!!!

Finally, the Clinton campaign came out and said that she’d been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and that she was so ill she was going home and taking a few days off of the campaign trail to recover. The woman in the video above clearly wasn’t suffering from any sort of medical condition, especially pneumonia, which is debilitating to those suffering from it, and is worse for people who are almost 70 years old.

Again, we don’t really buy into conspiracy theories around here, but as the facts above show, there’s something off with the entire situation. We’ll likely never know the truth, but any objective observer should be able to look at the incident and realize that things don’t quite seem to add up. In fact, many did as the hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble was the number one trend on Twitter just hours after she was seen leaving Chelsea’s apartment.

Regardless, going from a limp, lifeless body just 40 minutes prior to being a bubbly, energetic woman who looked ready to take on the world should be enough for anyone to wonder what the hell is going on. After all, most people approaching 70 don’t exactly bounce back from such an episode in less time than it takes to take a bath, so it’s not unreasonable to assume there’s something nefarious happening with all of this.



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