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BREAKING: Hillary’s Campaign Manager COVERED UP Co-Worker Sexual Harassment Because…

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Another bombshell has been revealed in the latest release of emails by Wikileaks, and this time it involves Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook.

An email from U.S. News & World Report reporter David Cantonese to Clinton staffer Mara Lee reveals some rather serious allegations made against Mook back in 2008, when Hillary made her first run for the White House. Apparently, another staffer on the campaign named Marlon Marshall was a little more friendly with the ladies than they would have liked, but when Mook was informed about it he didn’t exactly prove to be a champion of women.

“I was recently contacted by a source who claims to have worked on the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign and is alleging that Marlon Marshall made unwelcome sexual advances and propositions towards women on the campaign repeatedly,” wrote Cantonese. “The allegation is that he would ‘corner women, make them uncomfortable and make suggestions about having sex.’”

Those are some pretty serious charges. But what’s even worse than what Marshall did is how Mook handled it when the victims told him about it.

“The source also claims that Robby Mook was made aware of the issue, but declined to act on it or intervene because he is personal friends with Marshall,” claimed Cantonese. “Do you know if there is any truth to this?”

There’s no response from Lee in this particular email chain, so we have no idea how this was handled by the campaign. However, true or not, you know as well as I that this wouldn’t make it into the national press for two reasons;

First off, it would make Hillary’s campaign look bad as they wage a near jihad against Trump for allegations against him. Secondly, when it comes to Democrats, much more is needed than merely accusations for them to either acknowledge or take action on something, which shows just how much of a double standard there really is.

Just imagine if someone leaked an email that said one of Trump’s staffers did something like this, let alone his campaign manager…



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