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JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Has AWFUL Reaction To London Terror Attacks, Talk About TONE DEAF!

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With each day that passes we’re given yet another reason why we’re lucky Hillary Clinton has been relegated to the sidelines of politics.

Between her epic blame shifting tour over her election loss to her truly delusional statements on the current state of our nation, it’s clear that Hillary’s clearly not living in the same reality we all are. All one has to do is look at her Twitter history to figure that much out.

Last night, terrorists unleashed a brutal attack in downtown London that so far has killed seven people and wounded dozens more. All across the globe, people have been showing an outpouring of support for the terror-ravaged nation, which just saw a heinous attack on young children mere weeks ago.

President Trump wasted no time in cutting through the B.S. and calling out the root of the problem – radical Islam – as any real leader would do.

Indeed. It’s the far-left lunacy that’s changed the West from a relatively peaceful society into something none of us recognize, with terror attacks becoming commonplace, it seems.

Perhaps that’s why Hillary Clinton had the reaction she did after London was hit last night.

What was it, you ask?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, her last tweet was on Friday, and you know what it was about?

Gun violence…

Check it out:

Lovely. Meanwhile, at least seven are dead in London and dozens of others are in critical condition as they receive lifesaving treatment, yet not a peep from Hillary, whose own policies for America would have invited similar attacks here.

Although, perhaps it’s better she keeps her mouth shut anyway, considering nobody wants to hear her unicorn in the sky comments that would undoubtedly ignore the root of the problem – radical Islam.



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