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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Holds Press Conference On Terror Attacks, BLAMES It On…

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Hillary Clinton just had a press conference on the string of terror attacks across the country over the weekend, and you won’t believe what she blamed it on.

She held the presser on the tarmac at the Westchester Airport, and her acolytes in the media were sure to lob some rather convenient questions at her as she admonished Trump for what she believes is his role in causing the attacks. No seriously, she blamed Trump and his rhetoric for helping to fuel global terrorism, the Gateway Pundit reported.

Check it out:

Isn’t that something? She also went on to accuse Trump of giving “aid and comfort” to our enemies, which is, by definition, treason, yet not one member of Hillary’s press pool called her out on it.

Meanwhile, that’s not even the worst part. The press was definitely being an enabler of the B.S. Hillary was spewing like venom, and at one point, in what seemed to be a planted question, a reporter asked Hillary if she believed ISIS actually staged this weekend’s terror attacks to help give Trump a boost in the polls and get elected in November.

Seriously? She either handed that question over to be asked, or that’s the dumbest f-n reporter to ever walk the face of the planet and she should resign from her job immediately.


Here’s some reactions to the utterly ridiculous event:

You get the idea. The whole thing was an egregious abuse of the press’s First Amendment rights and an affront to reason and logic.

If you want to watch them, here’s an extended version of her remarks:

For her to try to lay the blame for the attacks at Trump’s feet shows she’s either entirely too disconnected from reality to ever hold office, or she’s willing to say and do absolutely anything to get elected. The truth of the matter is that terrorists have hated our country for long before Trump ever thought of running for office, so no, he’s not responsible for the attacks.

However, if you wanted to argue it, you could make a very strong case that the arrogance of the left regarding their ignorance in understanding the threats to our nation has. Just ask the nearly 40 victims of the attacks from over the weekend.

[H/T: YoungCons]



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