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Hillary Holds ‘Comeback’ Rally After Collapse, Gets NASTY Surprise Upon Arrival

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After taking a week off, Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail in Greensboro, North Carolina, and she was greeted with a nasty surprise from the town’s residents.

It’s no secret that there’s very little enthusiasm among Hillary voters, most of whom are merely holding their noses and voting because of the media’s false perceptions about Trump. However, as her poll numbers plummet, so does the attendance at her rallies, even after a week off of the trail.

Yeah, apparently when she went to Greensboro for her first rally since collapsing in New York City, she struggled yet again to fill a small room full of people. In fact, there seemed to be almost as many protesters outside of the event as there did attendees at the rally.

Check it out:

Man, that’s horrible. To the contrary, Donald Trump has been filling massive stadiums to capacity at every rally he holds, yet the media is still trying to convince us that his voters are just as unenthusiastic as hers.

Yeah, right.

She seriously has to be the worst candidate ever to run for office, and apparently even loyal Democrats agree. After all, with her history in politics and the Clintons allegedly being a beloved political family, you’d think that people would be lined up out the door to get into her rallies.




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