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BUSTED: We Just Figured Out What Hillary COULDN’T Stop Staring At During Debate

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During last night’s debate, people couldn’t help but notice that Hillary Clinton kept looking down at her podium while talking, and now we have a better idea of what she was looking at.

For all three debates, Hillary demanded she be able to use a specially designed podium that she claims was to make her appear larger next to the 6-foot 3-inch Donald Trump since she’s only 5-foot 4-inches. However, another noticeable difference between the two podiums is that hers has some sort of wiring running up inside of it while Trump’s does not.

Watching the Debate last night, Hillary appeared to look down at her podium much more often than she did anywhere else. In fact, she was seen staring at the podium for prolonged periods of time without writing a word on her note pad and mysteriously nodding her head as if she was agreeing with someone.

Come to find out, the strange light coming from the top of Hillary’s podium was back again, and once again Trump didn’t have one on his.

While this sounds like another conspiracy theory, there’s no questioning whether or not Hillary was looking at her podium and reading something off of it. Some would she was taking notes, but the majority of the time she stood perfectly still while nodding her head, and you could clearly see when she was actually writing something, which further begs the question of what the hell was she looking at?

Given her willingness to win at all costs, including cheating, rigging the election through fraud, and colluding with the media to frame a favorable narrative for her, all of which was proven by Wikileaks, is it really too far out there to think she had something in her podium to give her the answers?

I don’t think so…



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