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BREAKING: Wikileaks EXPOSES Hillary’s ‘PRIVATE’ Meeting With FOREIGN Official ABOUT The ELECTION

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The liberal media and Democrats alike have been raising hell ever since we learned that Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Russian lawyer prior to his father winning the election, but it appears as if Hillary Clinton did something much, much worse.

As we’re hearing on every news station out there, save for Fox News, meeting with a foreign entity with the intent to affect the outcome of the election is a bad thing, so they claim, which is why the left is literally apoplectic right now after Trump, Jr. admitted to meeting a Russian lawyer who allegedly had dirt on Hillary Clinton. The only problem was that having dirt on Hilary was merely a ruse to get the woman through the door so she could talk about child adoptions, and she also wasn’t connected to the Russian government, by her own admission and that of the Kremlin’s spokesman.

However, one person who did meet with an official from a foreign government is Hillary Clinton, and she did so with the intent of discussing both the election and future relations between their country and ours. If you remember correctly, this was exactly the criticism of Trump’s transition team after it was discovered that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn spoke with the Russians between the election and the time that President Trump took office.

But I digress.

Wikileaks published an email in which the Chinese ambassador requested a “private, off the record” meeting with Hillary, which subsequently happened.

For those accusing the younger Trump of treason, literally, I wonder what they have to say about this.

Check it out:

BREAKING: Wikileaks EXPOSES Hillary’s ‘PRIVATE’ Meeting With FOREIGN Official ABOUT The ELECTIONClinton, Chinese

Isn’t that something?

Here we are with Trump, Jr. being called a traitor to the nation, with John McCain claiming his sons would be court martialed if they met with a foreign national to discuss a presidential candidate, and Congressional Democrats all but calling for his arrest and imprisonment, all over the fact he met with a Russian citizen on his own time and absolutely nothing happened. Meanwhile, Hillary was actually meeting with officials from foreign governments to discuss political matters, which is against the law, mind you, and not a single peep from any of these losers.

Why? Because Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, and it’s perfectly okay for Democrats to do whatever the hell they want without fear of repercussions, that’s why.

It’s no wonder why both the media and Democrats alike have horrible approval ratings. People are straight tired of their ridiculous hypocrisy.



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