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Hillary Had A ‘Fair’ Win In Nevada? Look What Was Caught On VIDEO

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The depravity of the Democrat Party apparently knows no bounds, which was demonstrated during the Nevada caucuses on Saturday. A concerned voter happened to have their cell phone rolling, and they captured quite the scene unfolding, which naturally, benefited the corrupt Hillary Clinton.

James Porter was at a polling location in the state when he captured blatant voter fraud on video, and when he tried to call it out, absolutely nothing happened. Porter uploaded the footage to YouTube, and you can see for yourself just how dishonest the Nevada Democrats are.

In an attempt to get as many votes as possible in for Clinton, election officials broke Democrat Party rules by allowing people to vote before they registered, and people weren’t happy about it.

“They’re letting them into the caucus right now without registering them,” a woman yelled.

“They’re going to do the count,” replied another woman. “They’re all going to be part of the count.”

“But they’re not registered,” a man says.

“They will register after this,” the woman replied.

According to the Nevada Democrats’ website, caucus voters must be registered prior to being allowed to cast a ballot, which means the votes cast for Hillary at that location should be nullified. However, we all know they won’t be.

Sadly, this isn’t the first incident of fraud within the Democrat primaries either. In Iowa, Clinton miraculously won six consecutive coin tosses to squeak out a very narrow victory over Sanders, which had many people in the Democrat Party crying foul.

Additionally, even though Sanders won New Hampshire and both candidates have been almost tied in every election thus far, Clinton holds a commanding lead over Bernie thanks to so-called “superdelegates,” who aren’t required to pledge their vote based upon who the voters cast the most ballots for.

Hillary Had A ‘Fair’ Win In Nevada? Look What Was Caught On VIDEO



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