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PHOTOS: What Was Hillary Hiding Under Her Pantsuit At The Debate?!

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During the debate last night, people noticed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was focusing on something other than her opponent, and pictures of her bending over are fueling speculation that perhaps she was cheating during the epic standoff.

Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars first noted that Hillary seemed to have something hidden underneath the jacket of her suit. The square device protruded from her wait area, and a cord can be seen going up the center of her back and over her shoulder.

Check it out:

PHOTOS: What Was Hillary Hiding Under Her Pantsuit At The Debate?!

A report from the World Tribune on Sunday revealed that the debate moderator, Lester Holt, wouldn’t be allowed to have any communication devices on him during the event. However, no such rules were crafted for the candidates from the Federal Election Commission.

This morning after seeing the report, I looked into what the box may have been. So far, the only explanation I’ve heard has been on a forum where someone stated that it was a backup microphone in case the ones on stage failed for any reason.

However, if that really were the case, the cord would likely be wrapped around Clinton’s body because it would be the shortest route to her lapel, where the microphone would be placed. The box and cord seen in the photos more closely resemble the communications devices used by law enforcement and security personnel, which run up the back and are concealed behind the ear.

Earlier we reported that something shady was happening with Clinton’s podium, and now there’s a question about a suspicious device. Regardless of whatever either one is, how sad is it that we’re even having such discussions because one of the candidates is that dishonest?



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