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After Hillary Insults Trump, She Gets NASTY Surprise From Benghazi Survivor

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Hillary Clinton has been doing everything imaginable to derail Donald Trump’s campaign, and one of her favorite attacks recently has been about him being up at 3 a.m. tweeting about a controversy.

However, she’s the last person who should be tweeting about anyone being up that late (or that early depending on who you are), and she was reminded of that after sending out a tweet that quoted Obama insulting The Donald.

Oddly enough, Hillary used a similar line of attack against Trump in the days following the Miss Universe controversy despite the fact she was nowhere to be found when she was needed most in the middle of the night. While she may have forgotten that she left Americans to die while they were under siege, there’s someone who didn’t, and he didn’t hold back when reminding her.

Kris “Tanto” Paronto was in Benghazi on the night it came under attack from terrorists, and he’s one of the fortunate ones who made it out alive. After seeing Hillary’s ridiculous tweet, he fired back with both barrels.


Paronto is a former Army Ranger who survived a grueling 13-hour battle with Islamic terrorists in Libya. He, along with several others put their lives on the line to do what Hillary refused to do on that fateful night – save the lives of other Americans.




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