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BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton’s MASSIVE Money Laundering Scheme EXPOSED, WHERE’S THE FBI?!

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Bill and Hillary Clinton will likely go down as some of the dirtiest politicians in American history, at least to those who know who they really are, and a bombshell new report is exactly why.

InfoWars is reporting that during the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary’s campaign colluded with the Democratic National Committee as well as state DNC chapters to launder millions of dollars and circumvent campaign finance laws so he rich friends could throw their cash at her. In fact, some $142 million was “donated” then transferred around to avoid public scrutiny, and when a POLITICO reporter started digging into it, emails reveal admissions of guilt by Clinton’s legal counsel.

Check it out [emphasis added]:

To understand the Clinton campaign money-laundering scheme, we need to understand the Clinton campaign realized that top-dollar millionaire and billionaire Democratic Party donors wanted to contribute several hundred thousand dollars to Hillary’s campaign, but were constrained by limits to individual and spousal contributions set by FEC campaign funding laws and regulations.

For instance, in an email exchange in November 2015, Podesta expressed irritation that the Clinton campaign wanted him to “hit up his clients” to contribute $33,400 per person, or between $66,000 to $100,000 per couple, to attend a Hillary Victory Fund event in New York City, joining Hillary and Bill Clinton for dinner, in an “intimate evening” designed to feature “a memorable performance” by Sting.

Other celebrity events involved the Democrats charging $353,000 for an April 16, 2016 dinner for two seats at the head table with Hillary Clinton, actor George Clooney, and Clooney’s wife, attorney Amil Clinton.

Eleven sponsors each gave more than $100,000 to attend a Hillary Victory Fund Elton John concert at Radio City Music Hall on March 3, 2016, with Hillary and her family, former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton.

In other instances, senior DNC officials scrambled to arrange special “packages” for high-dollar donors, as indicated by an email exchange in which DNC officials discussed what “special convention package” can be given to reward Wharton associate professor Eric Schoenberg for sending a $75,000 wire transfer from his Fidelity account to help pay the costs of the DNC convention in Philadelphia.

These emails indicate, Schoenberg had already received tickets to a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event for a previous $25,000 contribution to the DNC.

In an email exchange in April 2016, Graham Wilson, a Perkins Coe attorney, advised officials at the DNC to be circumspect in responding to questions being asked by Politico reporter who suspected the DNC was using the Victory Fund to circumvent campaign finance contribution limits.

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The entire report is shocking, and sheds much light on just how dirty politics with the Clintons and their power at all costs attitude has become. The question now is whether or not, with the more than substantial evidence of money laundering actually occurring, the FBI will be investigating this issue as thoroughly as they’re investigating the allegations against President Trump.

Time will tell. But if President Trump intends to keep his promise of draining the swamp, the Clintons are where he should direct his administration to start.



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