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BREAKING: Hillary Names Possible Supreme Court Pick, And You’re NOT Going To Believe It

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One of the major issues we face this election is the winner will get to make several picks for the Supreme Court, and you’re seriously not going to believe who Hillary Clinton is considering for one of those spots.

If you remember correctly, as Hillary Clinton was under investigation by the FBI for her blatantly illegal activities while Secretary of State, her husband Bill had a clandestine meeting on Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private jet with nobody else there to witness the conversation. At the time, many of us cried foul because of the implicit conflict of interest such a meeting created, especially after the FBI director announced just days later that Hillary was getting off scott-free.

Well, apparently that meeting was about more than simply golf, grandkids, and vacations, as Bill and Lynch would have us believe. Wouldn’t you know it, now Hillary is floating Lynch’s name for a possible Supreme Court pick, should she make her way into the White House.

Golf, grandkids and vacations, huh? Sorry, we ain’t buying that load of crap.

The corruption is so obvious at this point that even Democratic consultant Harlan Hill had a “WTF” moment upon hearing about it, as you can see in the video above.

“Government only works if we have faith in the system, and increasingly Americans don’t have faith in it, and the Clintons are giving the American people every reason not to have faith,” Hill said.

Correct. In fact, he’s absolutely spot-on – we lost our faith in government after Obamacare was rammed down our throats in the middle of the night along a party-line vote even though polls showed the majority of America didn’t want it, and it’s only gone downhill from there.

Now we’re at a point where every move the government makes is questioned. Every aspect of our government has become corrupted under the Obama administration, every agency politicized, and now even the Justice Department, which is supposedly above such corruption, has been thoroughly corrupted by political hack Loretta Lynch, who was seemingly placed into her position to be a hitman for the Democrats while protecting them from unconscionable crimes they committed while serving in public office.

This is absolutely unreal…



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