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JUST IN: Hillary Releases New Book Cover, It INSTANTLY Backfires In HILARIOUS Way [Picture]

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Hillary Clinton lost the election, and she’s about to do a lot more losing with a new book due to be released in a couple of months.

Losing the election took a major toll on the two-time failed presidential candidate, so much so that she retreated to the woods for several months to wrap her head around what happened. However, her time out of the spotlight didn’t appear to do much for her introspectively; when she finally emerged she gave every excuse in the world for losing, except the one that’s most accurate – she was rejected by the American people.

She hit the talk shows and gave speeches where she complained of misogyny, bigotry, the Russians, bad data, etc., and only on a few occasions did she ever actually admit to running a bad campaign. Hell, even today she and the Democrats blame Russia rather than accepting the country was simply tired of Democrat policies.

So now, to solidify her blame game and give voters a better idea of exactly what she was thinking throughout her epic loss, she’s done a memoir about the election and why she lost, and judging by the reaction to the cover it’s not going to be too popular.

The Free Beacon has more on the book:

The work is being billed as Clinton’s no-holds-barred, tell-all about how and why she fell short of becoming the first woman president, and Clinton has called it the “most personal” book she’s written.

“It will also give readers an idea of what it’s really like to run for president, especially if you’re a woman,” she said.

Yes, because that’s what’s on the country’s mind right now. But according to the Beacon, Russiaphobia and misandry toward Comey are two of the “cornerstones” of the book.

Clinton has blamed a variety of factors for her surprising defeat at Trump’s hands, including Russian meddling in the election, FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress concerning her private email investigation, sexism, criticism of her paid Wall Street speeches, and poor data from the Democratic National Committee.

report this week stated that Russia and Comey are two of the cornerstones of the book.

Sounds gripping.

As soon as the picture of the cover was released, Twitter erupted with the hashtag #BetterNamesForHillarysBook, and people didn’t hold back.




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