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OUCH: Hillary’s Niece Drops BOMB About Clintons, Reveals Why She’s Voting TRUMP

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The hits keep coming for Hillary Clinton. First it was Wikileaks, then it was the FBI reopening its investigation into her illicit activities, and now it’s her own family voting for her opponent, Donald Trump.

In an interview with Radar Online, Macy Smit, the daughter of Bill Clinton’s half-brother, said that she’s going all in for The Donald, and warned other Americans not to fall for her aunt’s fake persona – something that has plagued Hillary for years.

“I support Donald Trump 100 percent,” Smit said, before explaining that she’s always voted Democrat but believes Hillary isn’t a good choice.

“I have been a Democrat my entire life, but Trump is what we need right now — somebody who is going to stand up for us. I think at this point Hillary just wants it for the history books — to be the first woman president for selfish reasons,” she continued.

Oddly enough, while Hillary claims to be all about family, Smit says she’s never even gotten to meet her ice queen of an aunt.

“Something tells me the Clinton side looks at me and my mother as not good enough, but we’re hard-working,” the 25-year-old said, before taking a dig at Hillary’s claim of being family-oriented.

“They’re not as good as everyone thinks they are,” Smit said.

Her mother, 50-year-old Martha Spivey, agreed.

“The Clintons are all talk!” said Spivey, who had a brief romance with Roger Clinton. “Hillary says she’s all about family, but she’s got a niece she’s never met and never acknowledged. The Clintons have never helped us out.”

So much for Hillary’s strong love of family, eh? Apparently, she only loves those who can do something for her, and even then her love only extends as far as a person’s usefulness, since as we’ve seen in the past she’ll ditch those closest to her in a heartbeat if they’re getting in the way of her goals.



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