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Hillary Holds Rally In Ohio, IMMEDIATELY Take Bad Turn When…

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Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail running this week after a disastrous performance at Sunday night’s debate, and things didn’t start off all that well for her.

On Tuesday she held a rally at Ohio State University, where she was reminded that while Trump may have said inappropriate things, her husband did deplorable things. Suffice it to say, the rally didn’t exactly go as she would have liked it to.

More from the Federalist Papers:

With all of this talk about the Donald Trump video that was released, it would have been best if Hillary Clinton had just stayed out of it. You know, since her husband was (is?) a serial philanderer with several non-consensual sexual encounters under his belt (READ: rape).

But of course, she felt the need to chime in, which angered a lot of people who realize that she is throwing rather large stones from a rather delicate glass house. This was made clear at an Ohio State University rally, when a group of protesters showed up just to remind her of her husband’s past (and illegal) indiscretions.

Protesters at the OSU rally gathered and carried “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” signs, wore “Hillary For Prison” shirts and waved a flag saying “Come And Take It.”

They began a rousing chant of “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist,” which you can see below.

Ouch. Looks like regardless of what she does, she’s not going to be able to escape her husband’s horrible past.

Despite what the media says, Bill’s past isn’t off limits this election, especially since Hillary, the “champion of women,” has been his biggest enabler throughout the years. Say what you will about Trump and the things he says, but stacked up against what both Hillary and Bill have done, there’s little question as to who’s the better choice.



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