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Hillary In PANIC MODE After Secret Service Agent Makes ‘Sickening’ Revelation

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A Secret Service agent that worked in the White House while Bill Clinton was president isn’t keeping quiet about the goings on there any longer, and Hillary Clinton cannot be happy about it.

While we’re all aware that Hillary isn’t exactly the most genuine person on the planet, recent revelations in a tell-all book from Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne show that the person she portrays herself as is the polar opposite of who she really is. Apparently while she was First Lady, she didn’t treat those tasked with protecting her all that well, and Byrne wants to make sure that the voters know who she really is before they decide to cast a vote for her.

That’s gotta sting.

From the Independent Journal:

The book was written by Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne, who protected the Clintons, and “…now tells this story — before voters go to the polls — in the hopes that Clinton supporters will understand the real Hillary Clinton.”

The book’s details have been kept quiet but Byrne has said what he saw of the Clinton White House and “culture” “sickened” him.

A prior book written by investigative journalist Ron Kessler had statements from Secret Service members that may shed light on some of what can be expected in Byrne’s book.

Some excerpts from Kessler’s book include statements about how then First Lady Hillary Clinton treated others.

One such excerpt details the time an ununiformed Secret Service agent cheerfully greeted Hillary by telling her “good morning, ma’am,” and her reply was not friendly in the least.

“F-ck off,” is what she said to him, Kessler’s book recalled.

Kessler went on to explain that when in public, Clinton smiles and acts graciously towards people, but when behind the scenes she’s cold-hearted and treats everyone around her like she’s above them.

It’s really no surprise that Hillary doesn’t treat her people well, considering she let four Americans, one of whom was her friend, Ambassador Stevens, die in Benghazi and didn’t even bat an eye over it. But hopefully this book wakes people up to who she really is, since I’m sure we all can agree the last thing we need in the White House is another entitled, smug elitist who cares little about others.



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