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BREAKING: Hillary Staff PANICS At Rally As Journalists Video What EMTs Are Wheeling Backstage

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Hillary Clinton held a rally in Akron, Ohio yesterday, and there’s serious questions swirling after EMTs were seen wheeling a stretcher backstage right before Hillary spoke to the audience.

Hillary’s health has been an ongoing issue, which was highlighted after she collapsed outside of the 9/11 memorial a couple weeks ago, and this new video isn’t going to help quell any worries. InfoWars reporter Millie Weaver was at the event and happened to catch video of a gurney being wheeled backstage just hours after Hillary was seen at another even popping some sort of medication.

Check it out:

The footage shows a hospital bed being wheeled to the back by a crew of emergency personnel as Hillary’s supporters (the few there were) awaited for their candidate to take the stage. Moments later, a nervous-looking Hillary staffer emerges and starts snapping pictures of Weaver and her cameraman, but it didn’t end there.

Shortly after the Hillary staffer appeared, EMS workers also came out from the back with stressed looks on their faces. Hillary’s security team them emerged with similar looks before Hillary finally appears from the back.

Just hours before the gurney was spotted in Akron, Hillary was campaigning in Toledo when she appeared to pop a lozenge in her mouth to help stop a coughing fit that was likely about to happen, which suggests her chronic cough hasn’t yet subsided.

Check it out:

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that a gurney has been spotted at a Hillary rally either. Last month, as she campaigned in Cleveland, someone captured video of EMS workers rolling a gurney into the event, which also happened to be the same event that she had a four-minute coughing fit during her speech.

While Hillary and her campaign may try to convince us there’s nothing wrong with her, the circumstantial evidence suggesting otherwise continues to mount as more questions are being raised. If there is something seriously wrong, as so many have come to believe, she needs to disclose it before the election so we know whether or not she can handle the job.

After all, the last thing we would want to do is elect a terminally ill person as president only to have something catastrophic happen a short time into their term, leaving us with having to deal with their VP choice. If you know anything about Tim Kaine, you really, really wouldn’t want that to happen.



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