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Rosario Dawson Slams Hillary’s ‘Accomplishments’

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Hillary Clinton recently gave an in-depth speech about foreign policy in which she blasted GOP nominee Donald Trump for his lack of experience in foreign affairs. Most people rolled their eyes as Clinton touted her own career as proof she’s more qualified to be president, and one of them was actress Rosario Dawson, who reminded the world about Hillary’s “accomplishments.”

Of course, in uber-left Hollywood speaking out against any liberal is taboo, let alone one running for the highest office in the country. But that didn’t stop the 37-year-old from unleashing a brutal tweet listing off the numerous failures Clinton has had over the years after one of her followers asked her about the subject.

According to the Daily Caller, the Twitter user told Dawson that “Her accomplishments and fights for everyone’s rights speak for themselves.”

Apparently Dawson isn’t interested in hearing Hillary’s supporters spout of platitudes to defend her. Her response was brutal.

Dawson is actually a Bernie Sanders supporter, and like most others supporting the socialist, she appears to be upset with establishment politicians.

Supposedly, Hillary has Hollywood in the bag for the election after the beloved George Clooney joined her campaign. However, after reading Dawson’s messages it’s apparent that’s truly not the case.



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