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‘Honest Ted’ Just Made A SLEAZY Move In Arizona, Trump Fans TICKED

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“Honest” Ted Cruz has run his campaign claiming to be trustworthy and someone the voters can rely on the bring integrity back to the Oval Office, but his behind the scenes moves have people wondering if that’s really going to be the case. He just made a sleazy move in Arizona, and it’s safe to say that Donald Trump’s supporters are none too happy about it.

Apparently, Cruz goes by the old adage, “if you can’t win it, steal it,” which is exactly what he’s trying to do in Arizona – much like he did in Louisiana and Tennessee. According to the Washington Examiner, his operatives are working overtime in the state to steal away the delegates that Trump won fair and square in the primary.

Check it out:

Sen. Ted Cruz is out-hustling Donald Trump and looks set to ensure many Arizona delegates will defect to him in a convention floor fight.

The Texas senator, who ever since Iowa has played a stealthy ground game in contrast to Trump’s chaotic populism, is taking steps to snatch the Republican presidential nomination from The Donald at the convention in July.

The New York businessman easily won last month’s Arizona primary taking 47 percent to Cruz’s 25 percent, scooping up all 58 of the state’s delegates. That’s nearly 5 percent of the 1,237 Trump needs for the nomination, and they’re tied are to him on the first ballot.

But Cruz, exploiting deep opposition to Trump among grassroots Republicans, has been far more active in Arizona than Trump, insiders say. He’s recruiting candidates for the available 55 delegate slots, that along with the other three delegate positions filled by party leaders, would be allowed to vote for him in a multi-ballot contested convention.

Isn’t that nice? He’s making it harder to “TrustTED™” by the day. Wouldn’t you say?



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