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BREAKING: HOURS After Publishing Hillary’s Wall St. Speeches, Wikileaks Got DEVASTATING News

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Wikileaks is playing with fire by posting damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, the group, founded by Julian Assange, released another round of devastating emails about the former Secretary of State – the full transcripts of her private Wall Street speeches. What happened just hours after shows us how far the Clintons’ tentacles reach across the globe.

Later in the day, the organization posted a series of cryptic tweets that led some to believe was a “dead man’s switch,” or a failsafe that would lead to all of their information being released at once.

It turns out that people were right in a sense. The tweet contained coding so that any information released could be verified as authentic, but the reason they even posted them is beyond chilling.

Yeah, someone was upset about the latest document dump and sought to silence the world’s newest folk hero. As it turns out, it was the very government that’s currently protecting him.

Apparently Ecuador shut Assange down in hopes that he wouldn’t be able to release any more information. Nobody knows why they would do such a thing, but the timing of the chain of events isn’t being lost on anyone – it’s likely someone in the U.S. government called in a favor to the Ecuadorians in order to cut Assange off from the world.

However, despite the fact that the world’s powerful tried to silence Assange, we were graced this afternoon with another document dump, and it’s the largest to date. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any and all information that we’re able to pull from it.

Make sure you show your support for Assange by sharing this story so the world can see that people are trying to silence him. After all, if he wasn’t telling the truth about everything, there would be no reason whatsoever to try to keep him quiet.



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