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BREAKING: After HUGE Trump Win, Gov. Huckabee Announces His Future With GOP: ‘I Will Be…’

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After Donald Trump’s huge win in Indiana last night he became the presumptive nominee for the GOP, and people from all over the political arena have commented about it. One of them was former candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee, who announced his future both with Trump and Republican Party.

On his official website, Huckabee said that “the voters have spoken” and now it’s up to everyone in the party to get behind Trump. He said that in this year’s “unpredictable” primaries, “Donald Trump broke the code, owned the media, and inspired the masses,” which led him to defeat every other candidate in the race.

“I will be all in to help him defeat Hillary Clinton and I call upon all fellow Republicans to unite in defeating Hillary and abandoning and repudiating the hapless “Never Trump” nonsense,” wrote Huckabee, before exposing the truth behind the so-called “Never Trump” movement.

“The dirty little secret is that the Never Trump movement was more about providing high dollar work for the political consultants than stopping the disaster of an Obama third term which is the result of electing Hillary Clinton,” he added.

Huckabee then dropped a truth bomb that those who are vehemently opposed to Trump should take note of.

“Is Donald Trump as pro-life as me? No. Is he as solid on the marriage issue as me? No. Does his position on Israel come from a deep conviction both politically and Biblically? No,” he wrote.

Huckabee then explained, “We will go to Cleveland with a presumptive nominee, and we will realize that whatever squabbles we have among people in the GOP, it’s nothing compared to the chasm between us and the socialist, big government approach of the Democrats.”

While Trump isn’t the most far-right candidate who ran, he is a ruthless pragmatist that doesn’t look at issues through ideological lenses. Because of this, Huckabee said, “I’m convinced that Donald Trump is our best hope of turning the tide of the insider political nonsense that has left people seething and being able to defeat Hillary.”

Huckabee is right. The conservatives upset over Trump’s win need to get over the agonizing loss and coalesce around Trump for the general election, lest we end up with Obama 2.0 in the White house.

Now is not the time to stand firm on principle and refuse to vote for Trump just because you said you wouldn’t. Instead, it’s the time to put pride aside and realize just how pivotal this election is for the future of our nation, and that losing it would likely be the final nail in its coffin for Hillary would double down on the very policies that have brought it to its knees. That’s not to mention, the next president will likely get two or three chances to make a Supreme Court appointment, and we all know that Hillary would choose a Constitution-hating activist for every one.

It’s your move, Never Tumpers.



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