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‘I don’t Think So Darling!’ Trump SHUTS DOWN Heckler Over Illegal Immigration

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During a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Thursday evening, GOP contender Donald Trump was confronted by a heckler shouting that illegal aliens are the “backbone” of our country, and he completely shut her down.

At the event in Exeter, the unidentified woman stood up and shouted to Trump about illegals, and he shot right back, “I don’t think so, darling!” After telling her she was wrong, Trump then stated that the actual backbone of America are people “who came here legally” and then proceeded to “work their ass off,” which was met with thunderous applause from the audience.

Fox & Friends uploaded video of the exchange:

Prior to the exchange between trump and the heckler, a woman who said she was from California also protested Trump’s position on illegal immigration.

“I know the role that they have in the California and national economy because they do work that no one else wants to do and for a lot less,” she said.

“Who told you to be here? Bernie?” asked Trump, referring to self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, who arguably has no clue how our economy works.

The full video is below, courtesy of Manchester’s WMUR Channel 9 News:

Love him or hate him, Trump says what’s on a lot of Americans’ minds, especially when it comes to illegal immigration. Sadly, too many people have bought into the myth that illegals and those coming here legally are the same, when the truth is they’re not.

One group went through the proper legal channels, which shows they respect our laws and want to assimilate into our culture. The other ignored our laws, and in doing so showed they have no respect for us or our nation.

Trump is right, it is the legal immigrants, along with hard-working Americans, who made this nation great, and once we get our border under control, it will be the legal immigrants, along with hard-working Americans, that make our nation great again.

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