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American Imam Appears On Fox News After Orlando, Makes SHOCKING Admission On Live TV

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On Tuesday night, American-born Abu Taubah, whose real name is Marcus Robertson, appeared on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren to talk about the Orlando attacks and Islamic beliefs in general, and he made a shocking admission on live television that should wake people up.

Taubah made numerous controversial statements while speaking with Greta about the deadly attacks, one of which happened to be that he believes “some journalists need to be beheaded,” which he claims he was saying “facetiously.” He also said that it’s none of America’s business that the Islamic State beheads journalists, such as James Foley.

“I believe some journalists need to be beheaded,” he said, “but I wouldn’t have done that.”

However, that’s probably the least concerning of everything he had to say.

Check it out:

Taubah doesn’t believe the U.S. should be intervening with radicals overseas, despite the fact that they’re slaughtering thousands of innocents, including Americans. While he did condemn the bloody attack in Orlando, he refused to condemn an even more barbaric act often carried out in Islamic culture – the stoning of women for adultery.

“I do not condemn that,” he told Greta confidently. “Do you condemn someone getting the electric chair for whatever crime they get the electric chair for?”

The difference being that we have this little thing called Due Process, and the vast majority of the time it gets it right. The women facing stoning have no such thing. Instead they have a group of misogynistic ideologues who believe that being raped makes a woman an adultress.

Sorry, but the two aren’t even comparable. But I digress.

The pair jabbed back and forth over the stoning issue before Greta asked the imam if he thought it would be okay for women to have multiple husbands, considering polygamy is also another tenet of Islam.

“Of course not,” he said, then noted that it would be “unnatural” for a female to have numerous partners.

So there’s your “moderate” Muslim, folks. The same type of “moderate” Muslim the left loves to defend, who believes in all the things the left accuses Christianity of, and who the left refuses to acknowledge is pretty much incompatible with Western culture.

Yeah. That kind of “moderate” Muslim.



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