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In The Name Of Equality, Here’s What Pentagon Brass Says Women NEED To Do

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As the Obama administration continues its push to fully integrate men and women in combat roles in the military, Pentagon leaders have come forward and said what they think women must do in order for everything to be fair. While most everyone would agree that it would be a move in the direction of true equality, a couple of Obama appointees don’t exactly seem to be on board with it.

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, the future of our military was discussed among lawmakers and officials, and the discussion was focused around women’s combat roles, according to the Associated Press. Army and Marine Corps generals vowed not to lower standards to make the grueling jobs easier to attain for women, but they warned that inherent physical differences between the two sexes will undoubtedly impact how they proceed with integration.

Studies conducted by the Marine Corps have proven that women aren’t as capable of performing the very demanding positions of infantry, armor, and Special Forces operations due to physical limitations, making leaders reluctant to bring women into them. However, that hasn’t stopped Obama administration officials from keeping the pressure on Marine brass to open the positions up.

Another area where there’s division between Congress and those tasked with running the military is Selective Service registration. Although Congressional leaders are on board with full integration, they’ve been reluctant to say that women should register for the draft, but such isn’t the case with military leaders.

During the hearing, Army Gen. Mark Milley and Marine Gen. Robert Neller both firmly stated they believe that women should be required to sign up just as their male counterparts are. However, nobody on the Senate committee would agree, and neither would Obama’s political appointees – Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Army Acting Secretary Patrick Murphy, who would only say the issue should be discussed.

Although while Neller says he thinks women should have to register for the draft, he cited a study from the Marine Corps that found women’s performance greatly diminished after heavy physical activity to justify his opposition to allowing them in tougher combat roles.

“We have a decision and we’re in the process of moving out,” Neller told the senators. “We will see where the chips fall. And, again, our hope is that everyone will be successful. But hope is not a course of action on the battlefield.”

Neller said that Marine Corps testing revealed two significant differences between all-male units and those with men and women. He said all-male units were able to better march long distances carrying heavy loads and also were able to fire their weapons more accurately after marching over distance.

Being big and strong and having a “certain body mass give you an advantage,” said Neller. He added that as women do more conditioning and weight training to meet combat standards, they have been more likely to be outside the required weight and size requirements for women. The Marine Corps, he said, is looking at that issue.

While military leaders have promised not to loosen standards to allow women to fill tougher roles, one thing that will be done is that each position will have a different set of standards to be accepted. In other words, infantry may have a more rigorous physical test while a less demanding position is more relaxed, as opposed to everyone facing the same physical training standards now, regardless of their role in the military. However, military brass assured lawmakers that those standards will be applied equally among men and women.

I’m sure we can all agree that if a woman is capable of meeting the physical standards, then by all means, let her do the job. However, what the military seems to be doing – under pressure from the Obama administration – is tailoring its standards so that women can fill more roles, which doesn’t only weaken our military, but it places our soldiers in danger.

It’s not sexist to oppose integration – it’s based upon scientific fact, and scientific fact tells us that women aren’t as physically capable as men are. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, feminists, but sometimes reality is much harsher than the fantasy world we want to live in.

With all of that said, what do you think about women having to sign up for selective service? Personally, I don’t think they should have to, but I’m also against full integration unless the harsh physical standards currently in place can be met. However, if true equality is what those pushing for integration want, then I say we give it to them. After all, you can’t select how you want to be equal while clinging to the inequalities you enjoy, right?



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