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Inmates Learn What He Did To Little Girl, Give EPIC ‘Present’ He WON’T Forget

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If there’s one thing that doesn’t go over too well in jail, it’s being a child rapist and murderer, since for some reason, even the baddest of the bad have a soft spot for innocent children, which one rapist found out the hard way. When his fellow inmates learned about the utterly horrible things he did to a little girl, they gave him an epic “present” that he’s guaranteed to never forget.

Back in 2005, 39-year-old Anthony Ray Stockelman committed an abhorrent crime against a 10-yar-old girl in Crothersville, Indiana, where he abducted her from her home, then molested her before he ruthlessly murdered her. According to Wave 3 News, authorities found Katie’s body in a creek 15 miles from home five days after she vanished, and just a few months after, Stockelman was convicted for it.

Inmates Learn Of Child Rapist’s Past, Give Epic ‘Present’ He’ll NEVER Forget
Anthony Ray Stockelman


He was sentenced to life in prison at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, and the other inmates weren’t exactly thrilled to learn about what he had done. So they did what any other self-respecting inmate would have done – they made Stockelman pay for his disgusting crime. The story dates back to 2006, but is an excellent reminder that nobody – not even hardened criminals – likes a child molester.

Although while “prison justice” is generally served in the form of a severe beating, and in some cases even death, the inmates at Wabash took a slightly different approach, and ensured that Stockelman wouldn’t ever forget what he did to that poor little girl. He was surrounded by other inmates at the jail, then they held him down while one of them gave him a nice tattoo across his forehead.

What did it read? “KATIE’S REVENGE.” Awesome, right?

Apparently, as the guards at the prison were moving inmates around, several opportunists surrounded Stockelman and gave him the tattoo. When prison authorities found out what had happened, they placed Stockelman in protective custody, then fired the two guards on-duty at the time.

Some reports state that the man who actually did the tattoo was Katie’s cousin, and if that’s the case, then it’s even more awesome they were able to get some vengeance for what happened. However, it was mainly hearsay from a family member outside of prison, and Katie’s own father said that he believed it was the prisoners making a “statement” to Stockelman.

Either way, anybody who would do such a thing to an innocent child deserves far more than a tattoo on their head. But given the situation, and the fact they probably didn’t want to be behind bars for life for killing someone, I’d say the inmates took care of business pretty well. Wouldn’t you agree?

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