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Weapons Used By Turkish Terrorists May Have Come From Obama’s Gun Running

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In the aftermath of the terror attack in Istanbul, Turkey that killed at least 41 and wounded hundreds of others, investigators have found what could be a devastating link to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, at least three Islamic radicals stormed a Turkish airport and detonated three suicide vests inside, and after the incident occurred, authorities found at least one Kalashnikov rifle in the building. To some this may not be a big deal; however the source of the rifle may be able to be traced all of the way back to America.

The day prior to the attack, The New York Times reported that Obama’s CIA had been shipping similar weapons into Jordan to arm Syrian rebel fighters. Unfortunately, the weapons “have been systematically stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold by arms merchants on the black market.”

Kalashnikov rifles were among the arms shipments that have been shipped into Jordan and stolen. What does that mean? Well, the rifles used by the Istanbul terrorists could have come from those very arms shipments, which would mean that yet again, the Obama administration was implicated in a scandal that armed evil people, much like what happened with Fast and Furious years ago.

As if the possibility of Obama-supplied weapons being responsible for the death of dozens of people in Turkey wasn’t already bad enough, the Times also reported that a Jordanian police officer killed two Americans and numerous others in November. The rifle he used “originally arrived in Jordan intended for the Syrian rebel-training program.”

As we’ve seen time and time again, the incompetence of Obama and his administration has led to the deaths of innocents across the world. Whether it’s the refusal to properly investigate terrorists at home, or the intentional arming of violent groups overseas, Obama has the blood of hundreds of innocents on his hands, and should it be discovered that the Istanbul terrorists used rifles from his CIA program, it could turn out to be one massive mess for an already troubled administration.



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