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Internet ERUPTS After Leaked Photo Of Hillary At Debate Catches DAMNING Act

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On Wednesday evening, the two Democrat candidates took to the stage for another debate, which was hosted by Univision. While there wasn’t too much to get excited over regarding what either candidate had to say, the Internet can’t stop talking about a candid photo that was leaked that caught Hillary Clinton in a damning act.

While most of us are used to Clinton ignoring the rules, it’s rare she’s actually caught in the act of doing so. However, last night was a little different.

One of the campaign aides for Bernie Sanders was sent a picture from backstage during a commercial break, and it’s caused quite the reaction online. Per the rules of the DNC, candidates aren’t allowed to consult with their staff while the debates pause for commercials, but apparently, the Hildebeast doesn’t care.

Check it out, via Ed Henry of Fox News:

That’s Clinton behind the scenes consulting with her staff. While it’s not exactly a dire emergency that she didn’t follow the rules of the debate, the Internet was swift in its criticism of the notoriously dishonest candidate.

You get the idea. People weren’t too happy with Clinton’s smug behavior, and it’s hard to blame them after watching it for decades.

However, despite the numerous comments criticizing Clinton’s disregard for the debate rules, there was still plenty of delusional Democrats to come to her defense, who blamed a “rightwing conspiracy” for the picture, even though it was reported by someone from the Sanders camp.

LOL – propaganda. Guess that goes to show you just how delusional Hillary supporters are when they’re calling photographic evidence of Hillary’s contempt for the rules “propaganda.”

Again, while this isn’t exactly an earth shattering incident, it does give insight into Hillary’s attitude and how she’s always felt the rules don’t apply. Then again, one only has to look as far as the email server in her bathroom to see that in her mind, rules are only for the mere peasants she seeks to rule.

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