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Internet ERUPTS After Noticing Something STRANGE Behind Hillary Clinton At Rally

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Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton took to the stage to speak to a crowd of supporters, and while her tired talking points little attention, the Internet is erupting over something strange they happened to notice about the Democrat hopeful.

While it’s no secret to those of us paying attention that Hillary Clinton is, in fact, a lying old hag who wouldn’t tell the truth if her mother’s life was at stake, her supporters seem to be willfully ignorant of the obvious. Perhaps that’s why a photo taken of the Hildebeast during a rally is going viral.

Apparently, the stars aligned for some form of cosmic justice that portrayed exactly what we all know to be true – Hillary Clinton is a liar.

Check it out, via the Twitter account of our good friends at America’s Freedom Fighters.

Ironically, the people behind Clinton were trying to spell “Hillary,” but in a random twist of fate, the way her head covered one of the letters, they appeared to spell “LIAR” instead. How can you not laugh at that one?

All kidding aside, this picture couldn’t have summed up Clinton better if it were planned.

Among the many things she’s lied about, the most important has to be over how she handled information sensitive to our national security. While she tries to explain it away by saying they weren’t “marked classified” by the State Department, she’s intentionally lying to America by doing so.

How, you ask? I’m glad you did.

You see, she was the State Department. As Secretary of State, it was her duty to be able to tell what was and wasn’t sensitive material, and by telling the people that her emails weren’t marked classified prior to her sending them, she’s either lying about being qualified to do the job, or she’s lying about whether or not she knew the information was classified.

Either way, she’s lying about something.

If we had a responsible media, they would relentlessly question her judgment while serving as Secretary of State. They would ask how she could be so irresponsible and still believe people should vote for her now. They would ask why she jeopardized our national security for her own personal interests. They would grill her on why she’s been so dishonest over the years, and they wouldn’t back down until they received an acceptable answer to all of these questions.

But alas, we don’t have an honest media, and unfortunately, the network that was once an ally to conservatives has fallen in lock step with the others. Even when Clinton appeared on Fox News Monday night, she wasn’t grilled over her malfeasance as Secretary, but instead was served softball questions that were easily answered with the same talking points she’s been repeating for the entire campaign. To say it was disappointing would be an understatement, but it is a sad indictment of today’s media, which appears to be nothing more than the propaganda wing of the government.

Sadly, it appears as if Clinton is going to be given a pass by the media all of the way to the general election, and that appears to include Fox News. Even sadder is that even if the media did do their job, those supporting Clinton likely wouldn’t believe them anyways.

No wonder our nation is so screwed.



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