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Iraqi Refugee Made DISTURBING Admission To Cops After What He Did To 10-Year-Old BOY

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An absolutely horrific story has emerged out of Austria involving an innocent little boy and an Iraqi “refugee” at a swimming pool, and it’s enough to make your blood boil. The disgusting excuse for a human being raped the young child, and what he told police after is without a doubt one of the more disturbing things you’ll ever hear.

The incident actually occurred back in December, according to MailOnline, but police said they kept a lid on it to protect the identity of the victim, who’s only 10 years old. However, that didn’t stop an Iraqi migrant from hunting him down at a public pool and raping him so brutally that the little boy had to be put into the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Iraqi ‘Refugee’ Raped 10-Year-Old BOY At A Pool, Made DISTURBING Admission To Cops

Apparently the lifeguard that was on duty at the time was alerted to the troubling assault after the little boy came up to him bawling his eyes out from the pain he had just endured from this sick f—k. Meanwhile, you know what the suspect was doing? Happily playing in the water and repeatedly jumping off of the three-meter diving board that was there, which shows just how little remorse he felt.

In fact, when police showed up to the pool almost immediately after they were called, the “man” showed even less remorse and showed that he felt entitled to permanently scar the little boy with his explanation for why he did it. Apparently, the “man” hadn’t had any sexual contact or intercourse for several months, and he believed it was a “sexual emergency” at the time, so he brutalized an innocent child to get his jollies off.

He told police that he knew what he did was wrong, but it obviously didn’t stop him. The “refugee,” who entered the country back in September through the Balkans and was working as a taxi driver, told police that he was suffering from “excess sexual energy,” so he was unable to stop himself.

Iraqi ‘Refugee’ Raped 10-Year-Old BOY At A Pool, Made DISTURBING Admission To Cops

Even more enraging than the man’s actions and what he told police after, is what police said about how they have to handle migrants in the country. After reports of the heinous crime emerged on Facebook, police said they were quiet because they have to be sensitive about cases involving refugees because they’ve “been through a lot.” What about the little boy?

This isn’t the only case in Austria where a child has been subjected to horrific abuse by a migrant. Apparently, Austrian media has been following the story of a 26-year-old Syrian man who’s married to a 13-year-old girl, and he’s been repeatedly raping the child while claiming it’s his right to do so under Islamic law since they’re married.

Sadly, the little girl is so frightened about the situation that she refuses to talk to police about it, which means not a damn thing is being done.

so here we have yet another story of Islamic savagery wreaking havoc in the Western world, and not only are the citizens paying the price, but authorities seem to be covering for this filth because of “what they’ve been through.” Here’s an idea, instead of focusing on not hurting the feelings of these barbarians, why don’t you focus on taking care of your own and ensuring their safety?

In all honesty, Europe is currently committing cultural suicide, and stories like this are evidence of it. Thanks to radical progressive leaders, their nations are being flooded with this scum and it’s causing literal chaos in their societies.

For what? Political correctness and multiculturalism, two of the worst excuses ever.



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