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ISIS TERRIFIED To Leave Home After Seeing What Mystery Sniper Did To Comrades

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The Islamic State terror group isn’t afraid of much, or so it seems, but that just recently changed. The militants discovered what a mystery sniper had done to their comrades, and now they’re all living in fear of what’s in store for them.

As many are aware, ISIS has grown out of Iraq and Syria, and now has cells in numerous nations in the Middle East, one of which is Libya. In recent months, the area has seen the terror group grow as it established a “mini-caliphate” in Sirte, which is where Colonel Gaddafi grew up, but now they appear to have a major problem on their hands, according to RT.

A renegade sniper has been wreaking havoc on ISIS in the region, specifically targeting leaders of the group and taking out at least three of them with long-range, high-precision shots where they didn’t stand a chance. The killings started back on January 13, and the last one occurred 10 days after. Now ISIS fears that they’re being hunted down by someone on a mission. Good.

RT has more on the situation:

And they appear to be showing it too. The terror group has been carrying out arrests and executions in the town, The Telegraph reports. Black-clad ‘religious police’ has also been carrying out public floggings to keep the population in a perpetual state of fear.

According to The Telegraph, reports indicate the marksman is locally-trained and probably became who he (or she) is today during the uprising against the late President Moammar Gaddafi.

Sirte has been under terrorist control since the summer of 2015. Local intelligence sources say the number of fighters stationed there now could be as high as 2,000.

Several things appear to worry IS. One is that public floggings and executions can’t take care of a long-range threat, such as a sniper. Secondly, this kind of thing could embolden the local population, which is opposite to the effect the terrorists are trying to achieve.

Aww, what a pity. Witnesses in the city said that ISIS is living in “a state of terror… They randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants, while searching for the sniper,” they said.

While the fact that these terrorist scum are being actively hunted by someone is awesome news in itself, it gets even better when we hear who the people in the city believe it is – an American Special Forces soldier. Apparently, there’s been reports of residents spotting our brave boys in the area carrying out secret missions, so there’s a high possibility that one of them has been having a little fun with target practice on ISIS leaders. How cool is that?

Regardless of who’s responsible for taking them out, at least it’s getting done. Although, knowing it could be a badass American does make the story a little bit sweeter, wouldn’t you say?



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